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Vertical Split Casing Pump with New design launched in Jan 2017

Vertical Split Casing Pumps with completely new design are launched in January 2017.

EBARA Corporation have a complete redesign for Vertical type Split Casing pumps. 

The new design is a self-supporting structure, with motor and pump intergrated as a whole. 

It ensure compact installation to fit into Hong Kong unique environment.

The new option is avaiable to full range of Split Casing Pumps, ranged from 125mm to 500mm ( Suction Size )

Casing material is Cast Iron as standard.

Ni-resist Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 316,  Duplex Stainless steel option is also available upon request.

Ideal for Chilled Water / Condensing Water circulation, and sea water circulation for sea water cooling system.

Option for universal joint shaft upto 4 meters is available.